Array-Art LLC (Registration Number: 829827) was established by a team of highly-experienced engineers back in 2010 as SMO company (Registration Number: 390708) for building construction and completed more than $40M projects. In 2018, the company has been reformed to be focused on architecture to satisfy the new demand of market for sustainable architecture transition. Array-Art have been Accredited by Vice-Presidency for Science and Technology to be a knowledge-based company.

From 2010 to 2018, the company has been gradually expanded and got a national reputation by collaborating with the well known architects and engineers of the country. Mr. Mohammd Zarrinkafsh, the CEO of SMO, succeeded to develop the company to design and construct some of the biggest projects of the country such as, a 250 beds hospital (Sahebkowsar hospital), a 300 beds hospital (Emammotaghin hospital), the biggest cultural center of the west of capital city (Masjed Nabi), a mall (Golestan mall), a university, and several residential building complexes. 


In 2018, due to the high increasing demand of sustainable architecture in the country and increasing the energy carriers price, through the board meeting, SMO company has been considered as a mother company and a new company was registered to focus on all aspects of sustainable architecture including social, economy, and environmental. This new company benefits the impressive background and reputation of the mother company with a new perspective to keep up with the leading international companies in sustainable architecture. The company recruited new talented architects who were graduated from top-ranked universities and registered some patents in CSP for sustainable architecture. These achievements caused the company to be to be among the 4000 accredited knowledge based companies by Vice-Presidency for Science and Technology in September 2019.

In 2019, the company succeeded in expanding its market to Europe and collaborating with an Estonian company, Estinext to develop smart home applications in architecture. Moreover, in a collaboration with department of Architecture and Civil Engineering of Tallinn University of Technology, the patented CSP for sustainable architecture was scientifically proved and designed.


The main goal of Array-Art company is to design and renovate buildings to fulfill sustainable architecture criteria. We designed 21 buildings that 7 of them have been designed and built by our team in our origin country.
Our competitive advantage is collaborating with professional architects and engineers or talented designers and expert researchers who graduated from the best universities of third world countries at a reasonable price. That is why our services are both more creative and cheaper than others.


Array-Art Group


Mohammad Zarrin


M.Sc. Project Management,
B.Sc.  Civil Engineering,
University of Tehran


Dr. Mehrdad Hakimpour

Senior Architect and Researcher

PhD of Architecture,
Politecnico di Torino, Italy


Hosseinali Derakhti

Chairman of the Board at SMO

B.Sc. ŁPower Engineering,
Sharif University of Technology


Davoud Goudarzy

Mechanical Engineer and Researcher

M.Sc. MBA 
B.Sc. Mechanical Engineering,
Azad University


Hamidreza Zarrinkafsh

Architect and Researcher

M.Sc. Architectural Engineering, University of Tehran


Amir Soodmand

Civil Engineer

B.Sc, Civil Engineering,
Azad University


Mohamad Shayeste Jamal

Mechanical Engineer

B.Sc. Mechanical Engineering,
Ardestan University


Hamid Mehrabi


B.Sc. Architecture,
Abhar University


Masoud Hashemi

Civil Engineer

B.Sc. Civil Engineering,
Kashan University


Yavar Padashi

Civil Engineer

M.Sc. Civil Engineering
University of Hormozgan