Building Architecture

Design thinking means how to ask a right question, we help you to find out your exact question to make your dream come true.


Art and architecture sometimes get acquainted to each other to make an harmonious combination of volumes, especially in designing something huge like a façade.


If your designer knows about volumes and their color, it would be nice to make a masterpiece in the city to be prodded by the citizens. 


Architecture is a discipline that studies human behavior and feelings in a wide variety of spaces and decides to design a place to make an especial feeling or behavior, which is the goal of the project.

This is not a complete definition of architecture, but it can show how the human feelings both mentally and emotionally is important to achieve a high-quality and human-centric architecture. 

Also architecture have been defined as a puzzle part which should be positioned in the right place of the context.

However, architecture has an individual meaning for each individual and cannot be described as a simple sentence.

Saadat Abad Project. (2018-2019)
A modern office building in a populated region of the capital city, Darya Blvd.

Shahran Project. (2016-2017)
A residential building, which designed based on architecture style of the context.

Villa Design

When it comes to villa, an enjoyable beautiful home in a picturesque view comes to the mind.

In Architecture, villa means a home that doesn't have any border between interior and exterior places. In the other words, villas should be designed in a way that there won't be any difference that you are in or out of the villa, because villa is a house through the nature.

Although Wide windows can help to improve this feelings, but an individual design of 360 degrees roof proves the fact that you are in a "Villa", especially with a perspective view of inner space through the central void...  

Interior Design

Interior design has two aspects. First, some one is living there so he/she shouldn't be exhausted after being a long time there. Second, some one as a guest should say wow! what a beautiful home.

These two factors leads the designers to design as simple as possible to make a calm suitable place for the owner and a simple design for someone new at the place.

Harmonious colors, simple volumes, artistic combination, and selecting suitable materials for each part of a place can help to have a better mood in your place.

Lobby Design

Public Places Design