2008 - 2014
The construction of Sahebkosar hospital with 250 beds

Sahebkosar Hospital

A hospital with 250 beds in the west part of capital city with high-tech facilities. The construction process took 6 years and the hospital is one of the leading hospital in terms of function. The designer was Boland Payeh company and one of the prominent architects of the country, who designed Milad Tower.

Mr. Mohammad Zarrinkafsh was the project manager and he empowered the project with the best facilities to be among the best hospital in the country. He signed a contract with one of the leading facilities company in Iran, which is Toseae Sanaye Tasisati Iran Co. and employed the best smart HVAC for this project. 

The hospital currently has all specialized and sub-specialized departments, including medical clinics, dentistry with 20 units and skin and hair clinics, as well as paraclinical departments such as round-the-clock imaging with CT scan and MRI, pathology laboratory, physiotherapy, orthopedic and pharmacy services. It receives approximately 3,000 locals daily and is accredited by the Ministry of Health and Medical Education.

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