Sustainability considers the spheres of social, ecological, and economic conditions. Sustainable architecture is architecture that seeks to minimize the negative environmental impact of buildings by efficiency and moderation in the use of materials, energy, development space and the ecosystem at large.

Sustainable architecture defines in three main social, economic and environmental aspects. Although the main focus of Array-Art group is environmental aspects, but social and economy of projects have always been through the concerns of the company. Generating energy by renewable energies, especially solar energy is the main priority of this company due to increasing demand of solar energy systems in the country. The company have also registered two national patents on solar energy systems which are more reliable and reasonable than existing solar energy systems in the market. These patents caused the company to be succeeded in being accredited by   

Qeytariyeh Sustainable Building


The project is located in Qeytariyeh, Tehran in a calm and cozy neighborhood. The architectural team have developed the idea and the team leader of this project was Reza Zarrin. The main characteristics of the project are:

1- The form of the buildings are designed to receive the most solar radiation on building units.

2-  The emphasis of this project was sustainable renewable energies and more accurately collecting solar energy and wind energy to generate marketable power.

3- Social criteria of sustainable architecture have been fulfilled by designing share spaces, which increase the interaction between neighbors.

4- The green architecture principals have been considered to have a good feeling of being in the nature. 

5-  Separating public and private space of building.

6-  Considering height to area proportions of spaces.


Form follows the solar radiation, wind direction, and shadows

As it can be seen in the diagram, the form of the buildings are designed to receive the most solar radiation on building units. 

Since South face of the building is exposed to the solar radiation the form is designed to have much more terrace without ceiling to receive much more solar radiation on units.

East face is the most important part of building since you can enjoy the morning sunrise and wakeup better. It is really important to see the sun when you have breakfast because it can rush more energy in your bloods and you can have a better day. This caused to place kitchens in the east and designing the east to get the most radiation in the mornings.

However, the radiation on west part is not enjoyable for residents because it is so warm in the evening and the angle is too low, so it can easily enter to the unit and annoy residents. For this reason the west part designed totally vise versa to receive the lowest radiation.


After the form designed, it was evaluated in Autodesk Flow design software to have minimum wind resistance, which have a huge impacts both on thermal comfort of residents and the structure of the a high-rise building. The results are shown as a colorful diagram that the architecture and engineers team can discuss on the influence of the building on the units and the neighborhood as well.

Furthermore, the design have been evaluated to have the minimum impact on the neighborhood in terms of shadows. Neighbor buildings are affected by the shadows of this building and it can hinder their ability to generate renewable energy such as solar energy.

Renewable Energy Technologies

This projects utilities both wind energy and solar energy technologies. Since the wind mostly blows from west to east, the wind turbines are located on the roof of the towers with west orientation.

Although solar energy is the cleanest energy source without contributing to global warming, it provides only 1% of global demand. This is due to the low efficiency of energy conversion equipment, high initial and maintenance costs, and the environmental sensitivity of solar energy systems. Solar concentrators increase the efficiency of these devices by concave mirrors and convex lenses. While concave mirrors are the most common solar concentrators, the high cost of manufacturing and sun-tracking system, heat loss problems, and the maximum yield of 60% make them unprofitable for urban areas. In this regard, one of the architects of the company succeeded to register two national patents and the company has invested on these patents to be scientifically proved, design, manufacture, and be integrated with the building design. This idea is developed by a team of researchers in Tallinn University of Technology and the outcomes of the research will be publish in the Journal of Physics.

The integration of this solar system into buildings of Array-Art company can make a good competitive advantage for the company through all international rivals.

The company is accredited by Vice Presidency of Science and Technology to be a knowledge based company


Respecting the local culture

In the local culture, being hospitality and having good relationship with parents, siblings, uncles, aunts, and other friends is very important. Separating public and private space of building help the residents to do not hesitate to be in their private room when other member of family are hosting guests.

Moreover, a separated home office have been designed in other floor. Each units are in three levels.

The Proportion of Height to Area of Spaces

Since the private places are much more smaller than public palaces, their ceiling to ground height should be less than the height of public places to have a good proportions of spaces.

In this project, the architect have thought about the normal height of rooms which is 3m and the best height of a big saloon is 4.5m. He designed the section based on this idea that the height of three floors of rooms is equal to the height of two floors of saloons and both of them are 9m. Therefore, residents can enjoy a triplex unit without difficulties of long stairs in a tower. The structure and the stairs are designed to have a good circulation and two units have been considered as a repetitive module to design this sustainable high-rise building.

This Idea can help towers, buildings, and villas to be designed with a good proportion of height to area without crossing the skyline of the city. 

Environmentally-Friendly Material Selection

One of the main aspects of sustainable architecture is to use environmentally-friendly materials. In other words, the material which is employed in these kind of buildings should produce a low amount of carbon emission in production, operation, and recycling. The material should also be recyclable with the minimum impact on the environment.

Array-Art group have always tried to employ environmentally-friendly materials to reduce CO2 emissions and help to conserve our earth. 

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of this company's buildings have been always calculated by most popular software in this field. Moreover, partners are evaluated to be careful and use low emission materials.

Laleh Park cultural center enhancing citizens interaction with artists

In the hustle and bustle of today’s cities there should be some places for citizens to rest and comeback to their human nature. A place to get calmness and think of their creation goal and their existence. Walking immediately from noise pollution and busy life style of a crowded city to a large natural park doesn’t allow the user to put down his stress and concern behind the door and enter the park to be fulfilled by mother nature. 

There should be a border that increase the feeling of entering a garden by hindering city noise and welcome people by a fragrant smell of nature and form of tourist attraction.

Laleh Park is a modern park in the heart of a metropolitan city. It is the biggest park in downtown of Tehran that was established by queen in 20th century and there are some masterpiece of architecture in the park such as Tehran museum of modern art, and Tehran Carpet museum. The main entrance of park should have been changed, because of constructing a new subway station
there and municipality decided to assign the architectural design to the University of Tehran

It was the best opportunity to attract more art enthusiasms to this park and build a spot of art to increase citizen interaction with art and Underground Floor Plan: Installation Entrance Section nature. The form should be a monument of nature that can be seen from downtown district and attract citizens and tourists. We decided to extend park pattern into the city as a wave of nature that swallows the city and kindly welcomes citizens by a concave form with a natural algorithm of Voronoi diagram and plants. Entering second would be exciting with feeling of passing from behind the nature skin and facing people who sitting on the steps or café and interacting with artists who came to visit the natural art gallery in the entrance of park.

Public Places Design